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  Coach 2 Ride

Our Partnership: SoCalMXHaven has partnered with Coach2Ride.com who's based in Anza, California.  Its instructors are certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) to teach entry level dirt bike students the basics to riding a dirt bike or ATV.
Class Description:

The True Beginner
Coach2Ride.com teachs according to ability and rate of learning. They only proceed to the next level after a rider has grasped the concept of the current technique being taught.  Operation of controls, cornering, braking, up and down hills.  Everyone will develop a sense of "real-world" trail riding by actually doing it.

The Novice & Street Riders
Based on your current riding level, you'll begin with proper dirt bike cornering techniques. Then with correct body posture for each riding situation; sitting, standing and learning how to be rider active with the motorcycle.  Plus, efficient braking, up and down hills, obstacles, trails, desert, motocross and more.





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