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About Us
The key is our passion!
Who are we?  How did we get here?
Rolf & Tami Greenhill, owners.

The SoCalMXHaven.com concept was created out of a need for moto-friendly housing available to national and international riders visiting Southern California.  The original idea came about in the early 1990's when a trip to Italy by the first US Women's Motocross Team drew world wide interest in competing in the US by International women riders.  An invitation was extended to the Russian team and the Italian champion, Stefi Bau to participate at the well known Mammoth Mountain Motocross in 1992.  Our hospitality was extended to our over sea friends, thus the beginning of nearly 20 years of hosting motocross families in our home.

The US Womens MX Team & Russian's Womens MX Team ~ Mammoth 1992

With the development of the Women's Motocross Association in the early 2000's, we have hosted families and their riders from all around the globe to include Sweden, Italy, Germany, England, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, France, Australia,
New Zealand, Mexico and Guatemala.  Not only limited to women's motocross, we've enjoyed the presence of male riders participating in modern & vintage motocross schools and events as well.

We enjoy what we do!  "We love motocross"  That is why you are reading this right now.  We love to help people, no matter the gender, age, ability or where they live.  We want you to experience the sport we've enjoyed for over 45 years - MOTOCROSS and MOTORCYCLES RIDING!